Dayton innovators: Local man helps patients easily consume medicine

Editors note: Dayton Daily News writer Thomas Gnau is introducing to the public Dayton-area innovators and patent-holders, those who roll up their sleeves and demonstrate that the region remains a cradle of creativity. For full article, please visit link at end of preview.

Joe D’Silva, founder of P & C Pharma in Washington Twp., has worked for large pharmaceutical companies nearly all of his career — and always in research and development.

“So it comes natural to think about new things,” D’Silva said.

Along the way, he has noticed particular problems: How patients consume medicine — or struggle to.

“There is a group of people who can’t take tablets,” he said. “Older and elderly people, if you have Parkinson’s disease, swallowing disorders, pediatrics.”

Sometimes commercial products meet those needs. But sometimes they don’t.


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