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P&C Pharma welcomes you to MaestroRx® - the companion formulary that when used with the QuartetRx® technology, allows for superior liquid compounding made easier, safer, and faster.  With the purchase of a QuartetRx Compounding system, pharmacist customers are provided free access to the MaestroRx formulary via a secure online login.

MaestroRx is an electronic database which describes the technique to be employed for compounding oral liquid formulas from tablets, capsules, and active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) using the QuartetRx.  The present formulary features fifteen of the most commonly compounded drugs.  For each drug, physical-chemical stability including dose uniformity and antimicrobial effectiveness were established.  The data was compiled by a qualified analytical laboratory.  It is designed as a living database to be expanded over time as new formulations are requested, and also developed within our user community.

MaestroRx® works in concert with QuartetRx®

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