Science and health booming in Ohio thanks to area companies

Editors Note: The preview of this article was originally posted in the Dayton Business Journal and written by Thomas Gnau. The full article can be viewed using the link at the end of the preview.

New health care and biosciences innovations in this region are helping add high-paying jobs and getting Ohio recognized by investors.

Midwest health care companies drew $1.7 billion in new equity investments in 2016, according to the just-released BioEnterprise Midwest Healthcare growth capital report.

“A record 375 Midwest healthcare companies raised the second largest amount in recorded history, edging within $60 million to the record-breaking 2014 year,” the report said.

Ohio was among the leading Midwest states, with $291 million invested in health companies, just below Minnesota ($424 million) and Illinois ($327 million).

Among the companies getting attention by investors is a small Washington Twp. start-up called P&C Pharma.

There, founder and chief executive Joe D’Silva has invented a process for compounding and liquefying medicines for patients who have trouble swallowing solid pills and capsules.

The process involves a proprietary machine that spins and mixes four cylinders of medicine simultaneously, perhaps making obsolete the pharmacist’s’s mortar and pestle of old.

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