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P&C Pharma is a life-science company which looks at the world of pharmaceuticals through the lenses of the patient and the caregiver.  We study and work to improve the practical application of medicine, by optimizing the method of delivery for patients who have difficulty swallowing tablets and capsules, while remaining mindful of the economic and logistics considerations required while personalizing medicines.  Our approach to liquid medicine compounding is designed to make it easier so it can be more widely and readily adopted, safer for the pharmacists asked to perform the compounding, and faster so that there are strong economic drivers for pharmacists to adopt our QuartetRx technology.

P&C Pharma improves global healthcare by providing novel cost-effective personalized medication solutions by creating a work environment where associates maximize their personal potential while supporting our customers and patients, and where our investors are rewarded economically and intrinsically through the widespread adoption of our technology.

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Our Founder, Joe D’Silva

Joe D’Silva, founder of P&C Pharma, previously worked for large pharmaceutical companies and always in a research and development type of role.  Pharmaceutical companies’ products cannot meet the administration needs of all of the different types of patients.  There is a group of people who cannot take tablets or capsules who also need practical solutions for providing therapy to them.  Older patients, those with Parkinson’s disease, people with swallowing disorders, and children, all struggle at times with being treated by medicine which comes in tablets and capsules.  Those patients need their own way to access therapy as well, and that was the nexus of Patient’s and Consumer’s Pharma, or P&C Pharma as we are known today.

Photo of Joe D'Silva